Our Staff

Lauren – Manager

I joined Ridgewood Canine Camp as the Manager in August of 2017. I love that I get to interact with all types of dogs on a daily basis! It is such a positive and rewarding experience seeing their happy faces and being a part of their social lives. Before Ridgewood, I did dog and cat sitting and I enjoyed every moment with my four-legged clients. At home, I have a crazy lovable Corgi-Plott Hound mix named Dobby, that goes everywhere with me! When I am not at Ridgewood, I enjoy painting, practicing yoga, and running with Dobby. I also love hiking, kayaking, and camping with my husband, Eric, and our wonderful friends.


Heather – Groomer

I have been a part of the Ridgewood team since 2013. I have a ton of dog experience, including working in the veterinary field and previous kennel experience. Starting at Ridgewood as a Canine Caretaker has allowed me to get know our canine campers and human clients very well. In the summer of 2016, I graduated from Cindy’s Canine Companions Grooming School and have been able to offer full-service grooming to our clients. In my spare time, I enjoy being with my fiancé, young daughter, and two pug mixes, Porkins & Scooter.


Meagan – Canine Caretaker and Overnight Caretaker

I have been with Ridgewood for a couple of years now and absolutely love all the campers. My favorite part of the day is seeing how happy all the dogs are to come into the lobby in the morning! In 2016, I have also taken on the responsibility of being the overnight caretaker. Our clients have peace of mind knowing I am here to care for their fur-kids. I live here on the Ridgewood property with my fiancé, a Keeshound named Luka, an American Eskimo dog named Sugar, and a cat named Bubba. I also provide foster care for dogs and cats at the Animal Rescue League.

Laura – Canine Caretaker

My first experience with Ridgewood Canine Camp was as a customer! I have been (and still am) a customer since 2013 and an employee since 2016. My husband and I have four dogs, the occasional foster dog, and we often care for other family members dogs. It is safe to say that I am already living in a doggie daycare at home. I am currently going back to school for Cardiac Ultrasound. I help at Ridgewood on the weekends, in evenings, and as a sub during the week.

Becky – Kennel Technician

I work at Ridgewood Canine Camp during the summer months. I am pursing a Marketing degree and am in my third year at West Chester University. Toby is my wonderful adopted Shepherd-mix dog. He is a regular at Ridgewood. My favorite thing about working at Ridgewood is spending so much time around dogs and learning more about dog behavior. In my spare time, I enjoy horseback riding, volunteering at the Animal Rescue League, and spending time with Toby.

Abby – Canine Caretaker

My job at Ridgewood is to supervise the dogs when playing to keep them happy and safe. My goal is to become a certified dog trainer and my passion is to help people learn how to train their dogs so their dogs can live a balanced and healthy life. Before Ridgewood, I volunteered for The Seeing Eye Inc. as a puppy raiser. I have successfully raised two Seeing Eye dogs that are in the process of becoming guides. Their names are Themba (Tim-ba), a female yellow lab, and Richard, a male black lab. I live on a 3 acre hobby farm and care for barn cats, chickens, and sheep every day.

Victoria – Canine Caretaker

I came to Ridgewood with previous experience working at a dog daycare in San Francisco. My favorite thing about working at Ridgewood is being able to form a bond with all the canine campers. I treat them as if they were my own. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and being with my American Eskimo dog, Gonzo.